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Vegan Cuts Deal: Buy a Necklace, Spread Compassion, Benefit COK!

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Our friends at Vegan Cuts have launched a new line of super cute necklaces featuring three different maple wood pendants – a rabbit, a lamb, and a fox. These necklaces aren’t just adorable and stylish — they also support Compassion Over Killing’s work to protect animals! How?

When you buy your necklace (necklaces) on Vegan Cuts, simply select Compassion Over Killing from the non-profit drop down menu, and 10% of your purchase will be automatically donated to support our life-saving campaigns.

These necklaces make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend – and they’ll help spark compassionate conversations every time you wear them. When people comment on your cool necklace, take the opportunity to share with them some of the unique and fun facts about these rabbits, sheep, or foxes.

Vegan CutsFor example, did you know:

  • Rabbits can run faster than white-tailed deer, cats, and humans.
  • When rabbits are very content, they jump and twist around in a happy dance.
  • Sheep can distinguish between different emotions in humans by looking at our facial expressions.
  • Lambs form strong bonds with their mother and can quickly find her by the sound of her voice.
  • Foxes communicate with each other by spreading scent with their bushy tails.
  • Foxes have excellent hearing and can detect the sound of rodents digging underground.

So what are you waiting for? This pre-sale only lasts until July 31, so order a necklace for yourself or as a gift today!

Thank you for supporting Compassion Over Killing, and for spreading a message of compassion!

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