COK’s Irina Anta Named Co-Chair of American Bar Association’s Animals in Agriculture Subcommittee

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From the courtrooms to the court of public opinion, Compassion Over Killing’s dedicated legal team tirelessly defends animals and strives for justice.

Now, Irina Anta, COK Counsel, will be advocating for farmed animals in a new role in addition to her innovative work at COK.

Irina has just been appointed as Co-Chair of the Animals in Agriculture Subcommittee of the American Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee.

Together with Co-Chair Alex Cerussi, Irina will focus on spreading awareness of legislation and policy affecting farmed animals, as well as, recruiting attorneys and law students to become more involved in these issues.

This work to inspire the next generations of legal minds is crucial in shaping the future of animal law.

As COK’s General Counsel Cheryl Leahy, who has at UCLA created and taught one of the nation’s first law school courses focused on animals in agriculture, has said, “Animal law is of growing interest and top schools are investing in it.”

Learn more about COK’s effective Legal Advocacy program, and lend your support in our fight for justice for all.

About Irina Anta
As a Counsel at COK, Irina Anta works to protect farmed animals through litigation and undercover investigations. A lifetime lover of animals, she became particularly passionate about farmed animal issues in law school after watching documentaries about industrial agriculture. She interned at Compassion Over Killing the summer after her first year and joined the COK legal team in 2016. She has a J.D. from Yale Law School and a B.A. from Yale University.

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