Dunkin’ Promises More Plant-Based Options at Shareholder Meeting

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Today, Compassion Over Killing put Dunkin’ on the hot plate for a vegan donut at its annual shareholder meeting–prompting a promising response that there are vegan options on the way!

After pouring out almond milk for our dairy-free coffee in 2014, Dunkin’ has yet to cater to the tens of thousands of us asking for a vegan donut. But the chain has been brewing up some excitement after the CEO announced last week that the company is looking into vegan meats and last summer’s hint at more plant-based drink options.

Still, thousands are hungry for a vegan donut–and we haven’t seen any new vegan menu additions! So today in Boston, Compassion Over Killing attended the company’s annual shareholder meeting to get the full scoop.

COK’s Corporate Campaigns Coordinator, Rachel Pawelski, asked Dunkin’ executives, “Competitors have been cashing in on the demand for plant-based food, with Einstein Bros’ vegan cream cheese and Burger King’s Impossible Whopper. But when will you take the next step by becoming the first major donut chain to cater to the more than 17,000 people who have signed Compassion Over Killing’s petition for a vegan donut?”

Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffmann’s interest seemed to pique at the idea of a vegan donut. He then shared that not only is the plant-based arena on the coffee giant’s radar, but it is one that he believes Dunkin’ will enter and win! Help us continue to stir up the demand for a vegan donut by tweeting at the coffee giant today!