The Year of the Vegan: Our Actions for Animals in 2019

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Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) is an unwavering force for farmed animals, and your support has made 2019 one of our best years yet. As we look toward 2020 and our 25th year of compassion, here are a few ways we made the prediction that 2019 would be the “year of the vegan” come true.

1. Exposing cruelty to cows in Nestlé’s supply chain

When we went undercover at Martin Farms, a dairy in Pennsylvania, we captured footage that shocked America. After our investigator witnessed the cruel dehorning of calves without proper pain management or anesthesia, our supporters mobilized by the thousands to pressure Nestlé to end cruel dehorning and switch to vegan ice cream. As a result, the company began exploring vegan cheese and bacon, and ditched the ice cream business for good.

2. The first-ever investigation of an American salmon hatchery

Reaching millions of consumers, we also made waves in the seafood industry, uncovering for the first time ever, the hidden truth of salmon aquaculture. Our video prompted authorities to launch an animal welfare investigation. We also followed the supply chain all the way to Martha Stewart’s new True North Seafood line. Activists across the country are speaking out, demanding change.

cooke aquaculture

3. A historic win for our lamb slaughter whistleblower

After uncovering horrors inside Superior Farms, the nation’s largest lamb slaughterhouse, we sued the company and in a rare move, the US Department of Justice intervened over our humane handling allegations. In a historic settlement, the slaughter plant is now subject to increased federal oversight to ensure it complies with the law.

4. Intervening to uphold Proposition 12

After California passed its historic Proposition 12, a measure that prohibits cruel confinement practices for egg-laying hens, pigs, and calves used for veal, a California judge ruled against the North American Meat Institute’s (“NAMI”) request for a preliminary injunction to temporarily halt the implementation of Proposition 12 until the full legal case can be heard.

5. Teaming up to ban foie gras in NYC

Animal Outlook was proud to be part of a coalition of animal protection organizations advocating to end this barbaric practice, making New York City a better place for animals.

6. Calling out the dairy industry for false advertising

Animal Outlook also partnered with class action attorneys to file a consumer fraud lawsuit against Fairlife Milk, owned by Coca-Cola, for false advertising about the treatment of its animals.

7. The veganizable Beyond Meat sausage sandwich at Dunkin’

Nearly 20,000 people have signed Animal Outlook’s petition urging Dunkin’ to take the leap and offer a vegan donut–and Dunkin’ is listening. The chain trialed a Beyond Meat sausage breakfast sandwich in Manhattan, going nationwide with the item after just a short test.

beyond sausage dunkin donuts

8. Subway debuts a vegan option in select locations, telling us to “stay tuned for nationwide.”

After years of campaigning by Animal Outlook, Subway launched its partnership with Beyond Meat and debuted a vegan meatball marinara sub in select locations, teasing that the sandwich might soon go nationwide. And Animal Outlook’s Senior Director of Campaigns and Corporate Outreach, Laura Cascada, was one of the first to try it.

9. Veggie burgers abound

Thanks to pressure from Animal Outlook supporters around the world, chains like McDonald’s, Hardee’s and Wendy’s are testing veggie burgers in Canada.

10. Beyond The Lies toured with Disrupt Festival

Animal Outlook’s Beyond The Lies tour wrapped up an impactful summer planting seeds of compassion and challenging viewers to try vegan eating. This year we got on the road with the brand new Disrupt Festival to advocate for animals using our moving investigative video. Plus, awesome Animal Outlook volunteers and BTL Program Manager Radish XVX repped BTL at the final Warped Tour, too.

11. The Joyful Food Market served vegan meals to DC families

Each month in our own community, we teamed up with Joyful Food Market to share fresh, healthy foods — and cooking tips — with families at a DC public school in an underserved neighborhood. We also delivered vegan dairy products to the community pantry at Martha’s Table on National Milk Day.

12. DC VegFest drew thousands to Nats Park

On August 11, 2019 (now known as DC VegFest Day) more than 15,000 vegans and pre-vegans swarmed the District of Columbia, joining Animal Outlook for our annual DC VegFest. This year’s festival was a huge success thanks to your support, the help of some amazing volunteers, delicious vegan vendors, and inspiring compassionate merchants and nonprofits.

13. Pre-vegans celebrated Earth Day by taking the Veg Pledge to eat vegan for Vegweek!

We empowered thousands of people to give vegan eating a try through a week of email support, fun prizes, and celebrity involvement.

14. In the works: a vegan pancake at IHOP?

We teamed up with our friends at Vegan Outreach for an exciting new campaign urging IHOP to offer a vegan pancake. IHOP told us it’s something they’re “closely looking into,” so stay tuned.

It’s creative and strategic work like this that is revolutionizing the way the world views — and treats — animals. And it’s your generous support that makes it all possible.

As we forge ahead into the New Year, ready to celebrate 25 years of compassion and enter 2020 with clear eyes, we look forward to creating an even brighter outlook for animals with you by our side.

Help us celebrate: Now through December 31, all donations will be matched, thanks in part to the Rena Roseman Memorial Fund. Help fuel our investigative, legal, and campaigns work today at

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