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Owner of Tyson-Contracted Factory Farm Charged with Animal Cruelty, Enters Plea Agreement

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After a Compassion Over Killing hidden-camera investigation uncovered heartbreaking abuse to birds at Atlantic Farms, a Virginia factory farm contracted by Tyson Foods, the nation’s largest chicken producer, our evidence was turned over to authorities, who promptly investigated. The video reveals birds being violently kicked, slammed, thrown, and run over and crushed to death by forklifts. Other birds were killed …

COK’s Irina Anta Named Co-Chair of American Bar Association’s Animals in Agriculture Subcommittee

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From the courtrooms to the court of public opinion, Compassion Over Killing’s dedicated legal team tirelessly defends animals and strives for justice. Now, Irina Anta, COK Counsel, will be advocating for farmed animals in a new role in addition to her innovative work at COK. Irina has just been appointed as Co-Chair of the Animals in Agriculture Subcommittee of the …


Celebrating 14 Years: Reflecting on the Past, Building a Kinder Future

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By Erica Meier, Executive Director The New Year offers an important opportunity for reflection, which can spark creative ideas for growth and forward progress. As we enter 2019, I’m reminded that this month, January 2019, marks my 14-year anniversary working at Compassion Over Killing (now Animal Outlook).  I moved to the nation’s capital in 1999 and soon started volunteering at …


18 Ways Animal Outlook Changed the World for Animals in 2018

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Thanks to your unwavering support, we continue making the world a better place for animals. It has truly been a landmark year for Animal Outlook. With you at our side, our undercover investigations expose the truth, our legal team fights for justice, and our corporate campaigns change menus and minds. To wrap up 2018 and get inspired for the new …

Stop Dangerous King Amendment from Gutting Animal Protection Laws

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One of the largest threats facing animals in the United States right now will soon come to a vote in the House of Representatives. You can take action to stop it by taking a quick moment to contact your elected officials. The House Agriculture Committee has passed its 2018 Farm Bill out of committee, with Representative Steve King’s dangerous amendment …

New COK Hotline Empowers Factory Farm Whistleblowers

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) has launched a new multi-state, multi-language campaign offering factory farm and slaughterhouse whistleblowers a safe and secure hotline to report animal cruelty, workers’ rights abuses, food safety risks, and environmental violations. Billboards featuring the confidential hotline — 1-800-65-FARM-TIPS — have already reached more than 400,000 people in top poultry-producing states Arkansas and Georgia, with additional locations …

Win for Ducks: Federal Court Reinstates California’s Foie Gras Ban!

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In a victory for ducks and geese, today’s unanimous 3-0 decision from the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals reenacts California’s ban on cruel foie gras! The court’s powerful decision states, “As societal values change, so too do our notions of acceptable food products…California, like a growing number of countries around the world, has concluded that force-fed foie gras is…repugnant.” Translated as …

Utah’s Ag-Gag Law, Declared Unconstitutional, Won’t Be Appealed!

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In July 2017, a federal judge declared Utah’s dangerous “ag-gag” law unconstitutional, for violating the First Amendment, calling the law “perfectly tailored toward … preventing undercover investigators from exposing abuses at agricultural facilities.” Now comes another stunning victory for farmed animals, as the ruling striking down this dangerous law won’t be appealed by the state Attorney General’s Office. Utah’s ag-gag law …

UCLA Law Launches Innovative Programs Bridging Animal & Food Law

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UCLA School of Law is launching new initiatives to promote cutting-edge research in food law and animal law — and to build bridges between the two fields. The school’s Resnick Program on Food Law and Policy will create the Initiative on Animals in Our Food System, which will host a series of roundtables and symposia to examine issues at the …