Wendy’s Now Offers Veggie Burger in 24 Locations

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Update: Though Wendy’s has discontinued the black bean burger, Ontario locations are now trialing the plant-based “Plantiful Burger” 

Plants are finding their way onto menus everywhere, and fast food joints are no exception, with Panera, Taco Bell and Subway turning their attention to veg-friendly options. Now, Wendy’s is on board.

Last year, Wendy’s launched a black bean burger menu option at two locations, and this year, the company expanded that test to 24 locations across three states. With enough sales and positive feedback, the cruelty-free option could hit menus nationwide.

The black bean burger is vegan (when ordered without cheese or ranch sauce) and organic — and if you live in Ohio, Utah or South Carolina, you can show your support by going to one of the participating locations to try one.

If you don’t live in any of those states, sign the petition asking Wendy’s to roll out this veggie option in other states. And be sure to share the campaign with your friends and loved ones nationwide — because who wouldn’t want a delicious black bean option at the local drive-through? It’s good for animals and consumers, especially those who are new to veg eating.

The burger was initially introduced last summer at two locations, just days after actor and comedian Steve-O launched a petition asking the chain to offer a veggie burger.

Consumers are clamoring for plant-based cuisine, meat alternatives and non-GMO options, and Wendy’s new patty is a direct response to this demand. With plant-based food named a top global trend for 2016, the landscape for compassionate vegan eats is looking better and brighter, every day.

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