Dairy-Free Dessert-Inspired Breakfast Recipes

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There’s a wide variety of plant-based milks to choose from that are both delicious and nutritious!

Plus–they’re not just for drinking. Non-dairy milks like almond, soy, and cashew are also perfect for cooking and baking and can seamlessly replace cow’s milk in any recipe. Not sure which to use? No worries. Just consult the TryVeg guide to vegan milk.

Today, TryVeg Vegan Food & Lifestyle Coach Jessica Carter put whipped up delicious dishes using PlantFusion plant milks and protein powder to the test to develop a few delicious and easy vegan breakfast recipes. Watch on Facebook for some breakfast ideas perfect for the weekend or anytime!

For more ideas check out one of TryVeg’s many vegan recipes like cookie dough nice cream, vegan mac and cheese, and cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

Like plant-based milk? The FDA needs to know. As the dairy industry flexes its lobbying muscle to urge the Food & Drug Administration to restrict plant-based companies from labeling their products “milk,” “cheese,” and “yogurt,” it seems the federal agency is bowing to industry pressure.

The agency is currently seeking public comments through January 28, so this National Milk Day, take action by telling it not to let the dairy industry squash plant-based competition!

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