St. Patrick’s Day: Go Green For Animals And The Planet

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going green for animals and for the environment by leaving animals off your plate.

Skip the traditional Irish dishes that rely heavily on factory farming and cruelty, like corned beef and bangers, and instead try some of these delicious and animal-friendly Irish recipes.

Vegan Irish Stew: Holy Cow!   Vegan Kale and Cabbage Colcannon: The Vegan Atlas   Vegan Irish Soda Bread: The Conscious Plant Kitchen    Vegan Shepherd’s Pie: The Minimalist Baker
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Vegan Irish Potato Pie: This Wife Cooks   Vegan Irish Coffee with Dairy Free Cream as Featured by LiveKindly   Homemade Vegan Baileys Irish Cream: Oh She Glows    

Not sure where to start? Join us for VegWeek by taking the seven-day VegPledge and receive daily emails for the week of April 15 – 21 containing recipes, tips, resources and more to support you on your vegan journey. By pledging, you’ll be automatically entered to win some amazing prizes, too. And, you don’t have to wait for a special holiday to go green for the animals and for the environment – you can do it year-round.


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