Message in the Sky over Tyson-Sponsored Poultry Fest: Cruelty Won’t Fly!

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Today, Compassion Over Killing (COK) flocked to the Tyson Foods-sponsored Poultry Festival in Arkansas, in a powerful demonstration urging the poultry giant to end cruel, unnatural rapid growth in birds and shift towards plant protein.

COK volunteers turned up the heat on Tyson to take action, demonstrating around the festival’s barbecue event with signs that “Tyson’s cruelty won’t fly” as consumers are choosing kinder meatless protein options.

A plane flew our message home, carrying a banner over a crowd of nearly 5,000 people and inviting them to visit COK’s to learn about the suffering of hundreds of millions of birds in Tyson’s supply chain each year.

Read more from VegNews, which spotlighted this hard-hitting campaign ahead of today’s demo.

Geo-targeted mobile ads stretched the wingspan of our message even further, reaching residents throughout Northwest Arkansas.

COK’s 2017 investigation of a Tyson-contracted factory farm exposed egregious animal abuse and the crippling effects of genetic manipulation for rapid growth in birds.

Although the poultry giant has taken some promising steps by increasing its investment in plant-based protein maker Beyond Meat and creating its own line of plant-based bowls to launch soon, it has yet to address this major source of suffering for birds.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to send a direct message to Tyson that cruelty won’t fly! Use our sample language below or your own polite message.

SAMPLE MESSAGE: Tyson, consumers are flocking from cruelty and toward plant protein! Compassion Over Killing’s investigation of a Tyson contract farm exposed egregious abuse and the devastating effects of rapid growth in birds; yet Tyson has taken no meaningful steps to address this massive source of suffering. This cruelty won’t fly: End crippling rapid growth and shift to plant protein!

Photos: Jayson Collins

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