Will Tyson Turn the Tide with Vegan Shrimp Investment?

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Contrasting Tyson’s recent sinking progress in the plant-powered revolution, the poultry giant is making a splash with its latest investment: vegan shrimp. But can this massive meat company become a true food leader in today’s sea of compassionate options? 

The chicken industry titan just announced a minority stake in New Wave Foods, maker of a 100% plant-based shrimp from seaweed, soy protein, and natural flavors. After successfully tackling a replacement for shrimp, the world’s most consumed sea animal, New Wave plans to formulate vegan versions of crab and lobster meat, too.

Amy Tu, president of Tyson Ventures, said that this latest investment “continues [Tyson’s] focus of identifying and investing in companies with disruptive products and breakthrough technologies related to [its] core business so [it] can continue to serve a growing global population.”

But while the investment is making waves for sea animals, Tyson’s other recent moves have put the company in murky waters. After divesting from vegan brand Beyond Meat, the company teased a new alternative protein launch. But ultimately, its new Raised & Rooted brand, which the poultry giant framed as “plant-based,” comprises nuggets containing eggs and a blended beef burger. The line falls into a sea of other meat alternatives failing to capture the growing vegan market while utilizing cruelly produced animal products. 

Meanwhile, the poultry company continues to treat birds with egregious cruelty by breeding them for painful rapid growth, despite over 272,000 signatures on COK’s petition against this cruelty. It’s clear that Tyson is beginning to take notice of the growing demand for ethical options, but refuses to sever ties with the barbaric meat industry. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell Tyson that the only way to stay afloat as a food leader is by ditching cruelty to birds and shifting fully to vegan protein!


Photo: New Wave Foods

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