Vegan Runners Join Athletes Telling Dunkin’: We Want a Vegan Donut!

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Compassion Over Killing is teaming up with vegan runners Laura Kline, Fiona Oakes, and Mike Wardian to tell Dunkin’: We want to run on a vegan donut!

Dunkin’s famous slogan is, “America runs on Dunkin’,” but as more and more consumers ditch cruel dairy and eggs, that is proving to no longer be the case! Sure, we will go to the coffee giant for our dairy-free coffee with almond milk. But when will it satisfy our hunger for a delicious vegan sweet treat?

So COK is teaming up with three vegan runners to let Dunkin’ know that we want to run on a vegan donut! But these aren’t just any vegan runners. Laura Kline is an ultrarunner, duathlete, and triathlete–placing in numerous competitions around the world. Fiona Oakes is a marathoner who holds four world records! Plus, when she is not running marathons, she runs a sanctuary–taking care of animals who would have otherwise been seen as commodities to the cruel animal agriculture industry. Mike Wardian is a marathoner and ultramarathoner who also holds multiple world records, including fastest time for seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

Talk about vegan power! COK is proud to be on their team–and you can be, too! Call Dunkin’s corporate office at (781) 737-3000 to tell it we want to run on a vegan donut! (Call before 5 pm EST and remain on the line after the prompts!)

Sample Script:

“Hi, my name is ____ and I’m calling to ask Dunkin’ to cater to the millions of consumers who are looking to make more compassionate and sustainable food choices by rolling out a vegan donut nationwide. I am joining Compassion Over Killing and three vegan ultrarunners to tell you that we want to run on a vegan donut! Thank you!”

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