Standing up for Animals: Highlights from 2013

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Thanks to you — our passionate supporters and dedicated volunteers — we’re sending a strong message that compassion is prevailing! And we hope you’ll continue standing at our side as we keep this momentum going into 2014.

This past year, we released three eye-opening investigations exposing cruelties kept hidden behind the closed doors of the chicken, turkey, and dairy industries. We empowered thousands of people nationwide to take our US VegWeek VegPledge,  including more than 30 elected representatives. We worked with local governments to pass Meatless Monday resolutions, and our DC VegFest event surpassed 10,000 attendees!  We also published our first-ever Spanish language recipe guide, and so much more.

Together, we’re giving farmed animals hope for a brighter future, and we’re excited to share some of our highlights from this year with you — and you can also check out our 2013 year-end video!

AnimalsCruelty to Newborn Calves Exposed, Leads to Cruelty Charges: Local authorities in Colorado charged three alleged animal abusers with criminal cruelty to animals after reviewing COK’s video evidence showing callous and violent mistreatment of newborn dairy calves.

Cruelty to Baby Chickens Exposed: A 2013 COK video uncovers cruelty to newly-hatched chicks inside a hatchery owned by Bell & Evans in Pennsylvania. In addition to enduring a violent processing system, some unwanted chicks are ground up alive.

Filthy Conditions Revealed at Turkey Breeding Factory:  Released just before Thanksgiving, this COK undercover video shows consumers the suffering endured by female turkeys locked inside sheds on a breeding factory farm.

Thousands Take our US VegWeek 7-Day VegPledge: More than 3,500 people — including local, state, and federal representatives — pledged to go veg during our 5th annual US VegWeek from April 22-28, 2013.

DC VegFest Draws a Record Turnout: More than 10,000 people joined us to celebrated at our 2013 DC VegFest — including civil rights icon, US Rep. John Lewis.


COK Co-Files Lawsuit to Push for Truth in Egg Labeling: COK and the Animal Legal Defense Fund teamed up to file a lawsuit against several federal agencies for failing to regulate deceptive claims on egg cartons.

Montgomery County, Maryland Endorses Meatless Monday: After working with COK, Maryland’s Montgomery County became the first jurisdiction in the state to issue an official “Meatless Monday” Proclamation, encouraging residents to eat less meat.

South Miami Passes a Meatless Monday Resolution: Thanks to a COK volunteer, South Miami joined the growing list of cities urging residents to eat less meat as a way to protect the planet, our health, and animals.

AnimalsNew Spanish Recipe Guide: COK’s first Spanish-language brochure, Comida con Amigos, is designed to celebrate the flavors of traditional Hispanic foods with a compassionate twist. Since publishing, we’ve handled out more than 15,000 copies!

COK’s Erica Meier Wins Animal Rights Hall of Fame Award: At the 2013 Animal Rights National Conference, COK Executive Director Erica Meier was honored with the prestigious Animal Rights Hall of Fame award.

COK’s New FARM-TIPS Whistleblower Campaign: Through strategic placement of our roadside billboards that encourage farm workers to report abuse, we’re sending a message to factory farm workers: don’t stay silent after witnessing animal cruelty.

ABC World News Report of COK Investigation Wins Genesis Award: An exclusive report by ABC World News with Diane Sawyer featuring COK’s undercover video inside a California dairy cow slaughterhouse won a Genesis Award for its outstanding coverage.

Campaign Update: Subway Introduces Falafel: After successfully testing a vegan menu in a handful of DC-area stores last year, vegan options are starting to sprout up again at Subway! Dozens of stores in and around the nation’s capital are now dishing out falafel.

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