Wendy’s Canada Quietly Debuts Plant-Based “Plantiful Burger”

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After the ongoing vegan buzz around fast-food chains like Dunkin’ and Burger King, it looks like Wendy’s might finally be catching up by testing a plant-based burger in Etobicoke, Ontario. After an advertisement for the burger was spotted in Ontario by Amanda Logan, Compassion Over Killing followed up with several stores in the region, where workers informed us that while …

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NYC Becomes Largest City in the World to Ban Cruel Foie Gras

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As part of a historic animal protection package passed in the New York City Council, NYC has become the largest city in the world to ban cruel foie gras. Championed by Speaker Corey Johnson with support from a coalition of animal protection organizations led by Voters for Animal Rights, this bill includes multiple measures to make New York City a …

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School of Fish Swarms Against Cruelty in Suffolk, VA

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Compassion Over Killing’s mermaid and her fish friends swarmed a Virginia seafood plant that is reportedly producing salmon for Martha Stewart in protest of the cruelty we uncovered at a hatchery owned by parent company Cooke Aquaculture. Earlier this month, COK’s undercover investigation documented egregious cruelty to salmon at a hatchery for Cooke Aquaculture, parent of True North–which recently teamed …

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The Possibility of Munching on Metal: Is Your “Food” Safe?

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Taco Bell has been making headlines, but not for its new vegetarian-friendly menu. The enormous fast-food chain has instead issued a recall of 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef because it was possibly contaminated with “extraneous materials, specifically metal shavings.” As a former undercover investigator, I can attest to the fact that this isn’t actually that crazy a possibility. I’ve …

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VICTORY: Dunkin’ Rolling out Beyond Sausage Nationwide!

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Dunkin’ just announced that it is rolling out the Beyond Sausage Sandwich nationwide November 6! When Dunkin’ originally tested the Beyond Sausage Sandwich in Manhattan, the coffee giant hinted at rolling out the sandwich at participating restaurants nationwide at the start of the new year. However, because of sizzling demand, Dunkin’ has just announced that the veganizable Beyond Sausage breakfast …

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Animal Welfare Institute Prevails in Challenge to Pork Producer Labeling

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Once again, an animal protection group has exposed animal agriculture’s deceptive advertising tactics. Earlier this year, the Animal Welfare Institute (“AWI”) filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division (“NAD”) challenging the truthfulness of advertising claims by the Clemens Food Group, LLC/Hatfield Quality Meats (“Hatfield”). On labels for their pork products, Hatfield falsely claimed their pigs are …

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COK to USDA: Revoke Amick Farms’ Cruel High-Speed Slaughter Waiver

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Compassion Over Killing has just fired off a letter urging the USDA to revoke Amick Farms’ cruel high-speed slaughter waiver in the aftermath of undercover footage revealing egregious violence at the plant. Despite COK’s recent undercover investigation, Amick Farms and the USDA have yet to admit the disastrous effects of running kill lines at recklessly fast speeds of up to …

Nestlé to Add Vegan Cheese and Bacon to Plant-Based Offerings

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After hearing from the more than 20,000 consumers who have spoken up against Nestlé’s dairy cruelty since our shocking investigation, the food giant is now launching vegan cheddar cheese and bacon to pair with its Awesome Burger for the ultimate vegan meal: a bacon cheeseburger!  As Nestlé scrambles to keep up with the sizzling demand for vegan products, it recently …