Crave Vegan Burgers? White Castle Adds Black Bean Slider

smcdonald Veg Eating

Vegan is the hottest thing in fast food right now. Due to customer demand, Taco Bell and Chipotle have even rolled out guides to choosing from many vegan options.

Craving a burger instead? White Castle just unveiled its new Black Bean Slider, a second meatless option on the menu that already includes a popular vegan Veggie Slider.

The makers of both patties, Dr. Praeger’s, confirms the new black bean slider is vegan, too! White Castle calls it an option that will be approved by any “Craver-tarian.”

Announcing this latest addition to the menu, White Castle writes, “Made with delicious black beans, red peppers and corn, the new Dr. Preager’s patty is served on the signature White Castle slider bun.”

The new slider is available at most White Castle locations through June 1, so drive through and get yours today and show the ever-growing demand for meatless meals!

Photo: White Castle

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