6 Tools That Make Going Vegan Even Easier

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recipecover-140x200Ask a random person who eats meats about vegan eating, and they’re likely to tell you it’s hard — too hard. Maybe you’ve even thought about it before, but the idea of becoming vegan felt out of reach because the perception is that vegans must have small appetites or extraordinary willpower.

Well, just like the old-fashioned belief that cow’s milk makes our bones strong (it doesn’t), it’s just an urban legend that vegan eating is too challenging. In fact the opposite is true: Vegan eating is as easy as one, two, peas — er, we mean three! — and with mainstream brands and restaurant chains hopping on the plant-based bandwagon, it’s easier than ever before.

And like everything else these days, there’s an app for going vegan. More than one app, and many other resources, actually. Technology can seriously reduce your stress as you transition to veganism. So, in the interest of making your life easier, we would like to share six of our favorite online tools:

HappyCow (free): This long-standing app and website is your ticket to eating out. Based on your location, the app helps you find vegan and vegetarian options — all narrowed down by type of cuisine. The site also features reviews, recipes, a forum, and a membership component. And it’s international — so you’ll have a go-to guide for your next trip to Paris.

Is It Vegan? (free): This serves as a quick and easy product scanner. If you haven’t gotten the hang of flying through the label-reading process (you will!), this is a handy app for you. It analyzes the ingredients on any given item, then gives you an answer to your burning question: is it vegan? The app even offers a detailed ingredients breakdown, so you can better understand what is or isn’t animal-friendly.

Pinterest (free): Seriously, is there anything this social site can’t help you with? If you’re not already using Pinterest, it’s the perfect place to start collecting vegan recipes. There are THOUSANDS in the mix, from super-indulgent options to uber-healthy creations. This is the place to search for a veganized version of anything you’re into, be it fried chicken and waffles, scrambled eggs, or ranch dressing.

Easy Vegan Recipes (free): Compassion Over Killing’s Easy Vegan Recipes is an awesome go-to for simple recipes for delicious, nutritious food filled with kindness. It’s free to order or download and you’ll be ready to make meals like Savory Breakfast Sandwiches and Lots of Layers Lasagna or desserts like Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies or Fudge Brownies. Also included are handy hints like the New-to-You Food Guide, which lists some of the widely available vegan foods you may not know about. Think of it as your beginner’s vegan encyclopedia!

Baking Without Eggs (free): So, you have your very own Easy Vegan Recipes but you need some more pointers on egg-free baking? Compassion Over Killing has you covered there too! There are many simple alternatives to using eggs, and this baking guide, with an easy-to-follow chart of substitutions, can help. No cholesterol and no cruelty is a win-win!

Rouxbe (fee-based): If you want to get serious about your kitchen skills, the world’s leading online culinary school offers a plant-based education track. You can learn on your own time via video courses. Rouxbe’s lessons will teach you everything you need to know about cooking without animal ingredients.

For other helpful resources, browse the rest of TryVeg.com and check out our easy vegan grocery list, our recipe database, and our list of the top 10 plant proteins.

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