Plant-Based Food = Hottest New Trend!

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According to industry insiders, plant-based eats are the hottest new trend to hit the world of fast casual food! From NYC’s by Chloe to Amy’s Drive Thru in California, veg eateries have been putting a healthier and more compassionate spin on your typical fast food and gaining ground nationwide. QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) magazine just highlighted the trend in a new piece: When Vegan Goes Mainstream.

The article talks about the hip, mainstream appeal of the new generation of vegan eats and plant-based fast food joints. “This increase has been helped by a slew of buzzy, veg-heavy restaurant openings that are injecting edginess and sophistication into a cuisine historically compared to rabbit food,” the article reads.

The piece references eateries like NYC’s The Cinnamon Snail, Philadelphia’s Hip City Veg, and Wheeling, Illinois’ Purple Sprout Cafe. by Chloe (the NYC eatery by popular vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli) has been a huge hit since it opened last year, and the concept is already expanding into additional locations.

“A lot has to do with [plant-based cuisine] being trendy, but also with the fact that people are becoming more aware of what they’re putting in their bodies these days,” Andie Shapira, nutritionist at Toronto-based Freshii, told QSR. “People are realizing that there are negative health effects with excessive meat consumption, and more are trying to take action on health.”

A study recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that the widespread adoption of a vegan diet could save eight million human lives (plus billions of animal lives) and trillions of dollars by 2050 — serious incentive for everyone to hop on the veg eating bandwagon. The same researchers also revealed that stopping climate change will be extremely difficult without a dramatic shift towards plant-based foods.

All this points to one conclusion: plant-based food is the future.

You can get in on the hottest new trend in the food world — and start saving lives — by taking the VegPledge and joining VegWeek, April 18-24. For added incentive, check out our top five reasons to take the VegPledge today!


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