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White Castle Knows What Customers Crave: Veggie Sliders

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Known for its slider hamburgers and made famous by movies such as Harold & Kumar, White Castle is a popular hamburger chain with locations throughout the South as well as in New York City. And it’s currently making headlines for testing out a new menu item at participating locations: Veggie sliders.

What’s the veggie slider made of? The vegetable patty is all-vegan and made by Dr. Praeger’s. Although it comes topped with an avocado ranch dressing that is not vegan, you can simply order your slider without it for a quick, easy and affordable vegan meal—the veggie sliders are just 99 cents each.

What makes this news even more notable is that White Castle is widely credited as being the first fast-food hamburger chain in the nation, opening its doors in 1921. The company also claims to also be the first restaurant chain to sell a million hamburgers and the first to sell a billion hamburgers.

If this veggie slider is a success, we might just start seeing other fast-food chains in the U.S. follow White Castle’s lead by rolling out their own vegan menu options. You can help make it happen simply by asking for it.

April 2017 update: White Castle unveiled a second vegan menu option, a black bean slider, also made by Dr. Praeger’s.

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