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Delicious New Vegan Foods Debut at Natural Products Expo West

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Over 100,000 visitors  including Compassion Over Killing  flocked to Anaheim, California earlier this month for the 2013 Natural Products Expo West! The annual trade show features thousands of vendors representing the natural and organic food industry, making it a prime location for us to highlight the many benefits of choosing vegetarian foods. This was our fourth year tabling at this exclusive event.

During the three-day show, 11 dedicated COK volunteers handed out nearly 3,000 pieces of pro-vegetarian literature including our new, 2013 edition of the Vegetarian Guide to Los Angeles, as well as our Easy Vegan Recipes booklet, Vegetarian Starter Guides, and Compassionate Action magazines. Also popular were our Restaurant Manager Cards, as people loved the idea of being able to quickly and easily request more veg options when dining out. Additionally, we sold a record number of logo style and “Ask me why I’m a vegetarian” tee shirts, as people purchased them for themselves and as gifts.

We also got to rub elbows with some of our favorite people, including:

  • natural productsFood Network star, cook book author, and chef Chloe Coscarelli
  • Cooking Channel chef Jason Wrobel
  • Eco-Vegan Gal’s Whitney Lauritsen
  • Celebrity trainer John Pierre
  • Dairy Tree Foods co-founders Chris Hoar and Jessica Schlueter
  • Cavewoman Bars founder Alyssa Boyle
  • Holistic healthcare guru and author Heather Lounsbury
  • VegNews staff including Co-Founder and Publisher Colleen Holland, Managing Editor Elizabeth Castoria, and Editors Jennifer Chen, Hilary Pollack, and Anna Peraino
  • Healthy Voyager Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

In between all the hustle and bustle at our table—the most highly trafficked nonprofit booth at the venue—we also said hello to many of our friends and generous US VegWeek corporate sponsors who were debuting the latest animal-friendly products to hit the market:

natural products

We also saw:

Have we made you hungry yet? Sign up for our US VegWeek 7-Day VegPledge and you’ll get a free Veg Starter Pack loaded with recipes and product coupons from many of these wonderful companies. And don’t forget to TWEET or SHARE our Facebook page to tell your family and friends, too! After all, what better way to show them how easy and delicious vegan eating has become than by celebrating and sharing with them all the awesome animal-friendly foods available today?

Take a look at our photo gallery to get a glimpse, and then hurry to your nearest grocery store with canvas bags in hand!

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