Vegan vs. Coca-Cola: Which is more popular?

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When it comes to media buzz and what people are talking about online, vegan beats out Coca-Cola! A recent article in Food Navigator highlights the increasing popularity of vegan eating in the US.

And there’s more good news. Research in the Nutrition Business Journal reveals that vegan eating is hitting the mainstream:

  • Nearly half of consumers associate vegan food with healthy eating or weight loss (and 23% associate it with animal welfare concerns)·
  • 36% of Americans prefer dairy-free milk and veggie meats
  • 26% said they eat less meat now than they did 12 months ago
  • 19% view vegan food as better for the planet or more socially responsible

While the benefits of vegan eating – for animals, the planet, and our health – are well-documented, they are becoming more widely recognized and accepted, shifting the cultural mindset about food.

In fact, as the article notes, the explosion of vegan options on the marketplace is being driven largely by meat-eaters who are cutting back on animal products. So while they may not be 100% vegan, a growing number of Americans are eating less meat and more plant-based foods.

We can see this progress in action as mainstream menus nationwide adapt to this increasing request for vegan options – from White Castle dishing out a veggie slider to Dunkin’ Donuts offering almond milk to Subway rolling out vegan subs in hundreds of stores.  Even Girl Scout cookies are going vegan!

With so many vegan options available, leaving animals off our plates is easier than ever.  Learn more and start today at