Campaign Update: Subway Widely Expands Vegan Menu in DC & LA!

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You’ve been asking for vegan options, and Subway is listening! Compassion Over Killing is excited to announce that Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, is widely expanding its vegan menu:

In the Washington, DC area, more than 300 Subway stores are in the process of rolling out a vegan menu that includes the all-vegan Malibu Garden and Black Bean sandwiches! 

Subway is also expanding its vegan test menu in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas to over 100 restaurants.

Through COK’s campaign website,, thousands of consumers have been asking for protein-packed vegan options, and in the summer of 2012, Subway first began testing three different vegan subs in a handful of DC-area restaurants. It was such a huge success that stores completely sold out of these meat-free menu items within a few short weeks so the test ended.

Since then, Subway has introduced falafel sandwiches in some markets while it’s also rolled out hummus in other markets. In 2014, Subway started testing vegan subs in the Los Angeles-area and later that year, the company re-introduced vegan subs in the DC market.

Now that Subway is widely expanding its protein-packed vegan sandwiches to over 400 locations in the DC and LA markets, what’s next? With enough positive feedback and encouragement, Subway could continue to introduce vegan options in even more markets!

Let the company know you’re hungry for vegan options in Subway stores near you! Go to now to send your message!

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