No Whey: All Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies Are Now Vegan!

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As the Girls Scout’s say: Be prepared!  Are you ready  for the 2015 cookie season?  Here’s what you need to know: the latest news is that all of their Thin Mint cookies are now vegan!

Last March, we shared the news about how Girl Scout cookies were starting to head down the vegan path: half the Thin Mints on the market were vegan. Only those lucky enough to live in the distribution region of ABC Bakers could indulge in these dairy-free minty delights – until now!

We’re excited to let you know that after a reformulation, whey has been removed from the other half of the Thin Mints on the market so that ALL Thin Mints in America are now vegan!

After you’ve calmed down (we know – it took us a good five-minute scream to get the excitement out, too), be sure you also add some other vegan flavors to shopping cart: Thanks-A-Lot (shortbread cookies dipped in rich fudge), the Lemonades (shortbread cookies stuffed with light lemon icing), and the Cranberry Citrus Crisp — all made by ABC Bakers.

We are SO HAPPY we got to drop this knowledge on you – just in time to save up for Girl Scout cookie-selling season, which varies across the country but typically runs through April. You can enter your zip code in the Cookie Finder or just start hanging around outside your area grocery stores, and we bet our broccoli you’ll find little entrepreneurs sell-sell-selling them.

We would remind you that at $5 a box, these delightful treats make perfect gifts, but we know better: no one buying Girl Scout cookies is buying them to give away. That is just plain silly.

Want to find other compassionate ways to enjoy eating? Start with our guide at!

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