Campaign Victory: Dunkin’ Now Offers Almond Milk

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Dunkin’, the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain, has more than 7,500 locations throughout the United States, including its first Los Angeles location that opened during Labor Day weekend. Yet, it’s one of the only national coffee chains that hasn’t offered dairy-free milk to all customers – until now, thanks to your requests.

We’re thrilled to share this We Love Dunkin’ campaign news with you:

Yesterday, Dunkin’ announced that it is adding almond milk to its menu to “accommodate guests looking for a non-dairy alternative.”

Almond milk is now offered in approximately 75 percent of its locations — look for the “AM” symbol on Dunkin’s store locator to sees if it’s available near you.

We first started contacting Dunkin’ in 2008, highlighting the growing consumer interest in healthier and more humane options and asking the company to offer vegan items on its menu in response to this increasing demand. We then reached out to individual locations and successfully persuaded several of them to start offering soy milk.

Soon after, we launched our We Love Dunkin’ campaign website aimed at urging consumers across the country to let Dunkin’ know that a growing number of people are asking for meat-, egg- and dairy-free options.

According to John Costello, Dunkin’ Brands’ President of Global Marketing and Innovation, “Over the past couple of years, based on an increasing number of customer requests, we began to explore options for expanding our menu with a non-dairy alternative to milk and cream. We believe adding Almond Breeze almond milk now gives our guests a unique and delicious new way to enjoy our famous coffee or lattes.”

This is good news for animals and for consumers. Please visit our campaign website — welovedunkin.com — or post a comment on Dunkin’s Facebook page to thank the company for adding this dairy-free option for coffee drinks while also encouraging them to consider adding a vegan donut to their menu next.


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