Domino’s Delivers Vegan Pizza in Israel

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Vegan pizza-lovers everywhere just breathed a collective sigh of envy with the news that Domino’s pizza (yes, the franchise chain with more than 10,000 locations worldwide) just added a meat- and dairy-free pizza to its menus throughout Israel. This isn’t just a “hold the cheese” pizza, either — it comes fully loaded with soy cheese and vegetable toppings.

domino'sCould this be a test-run for a new menu item that this company may introduce at its restaurants in the U.S. as well as other countries?

It’s possible. Yossi Elbaz, CEO of the Israeli Domino’s franchise, told Haaretz “We’ve notified Domino’s world headquarters and they’re very pleased. They’re waiting to see the results.” 

So if you know anyone in Israel, be sure to encourage them to try it. The creation of this vegan pizza was prompted by consumer demand —  in fact thousands of pizza-eaters in Israel wrote to Domino’s requesting a heartier vegan option, and the company responded. Perhaps with enough consumer demand in the U.S., the company will start offering it here as well.

Take action: tweet at Dominos or post on Facebook today thanking the company for adding a vegan pizza in Israel and let them know U.S. consumers are also hungry for vegan options.  Be sure to also visit to learn more about our campaign to bring a hearty vegan sub to Subway stores.

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