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McDonald’s Launches Vegan Happy Meal in UK

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In response to growing demand for compassionate and accessible vegan fast-food options, McDonald’s has launched a brand new vegan Happy Meal in UK stores.

Working with the Vegetarian Society and a group of mothers wanting an option for vegetarian and vegan kids, the fast-food chain developed a new wrap filled with lettuce and red pesto goujon. It can be paired with a drink as well as french fries or fruit for a healthier option than the traditional burger or nuggets.

UK menu items also include a veggie burger and a spicy vegetarian wrap.

This is happy news for families looking for a fast, affordable, vegan meal option–as well as a win for animals. Vegan eating is rapidly becoming more mainstream, and consumers want more quick and delicious dishes to choose from.

In fact, a recent Mintel research report, cited in industry outlet Fast Casual, stated, The biggest threat to the popularity of burger and chicken is the trend of consumers cutting back on eating meat. This is being driven by younger millennials who have either adopted a full-time vegan lifestyle or are simply eating more plant-based dishes. Operators now need to tackle this issue by offering consumers more varied choice, including vegan burgers.”

This rise in vegan eating is in part due to a growing awareness of what happens on cruel factory farms. Compassion Over Killing and other organizations are working to spread that awareness even further by shedding light on the truth of the meat industry. Stateside, we continue to pressure McDonald’s to offer a nationwide vegan option, and to address welfare standards in their chicken supply line.

The chain seems to be listening. In addition to this new UK item, McDonald’s has also rolled out a vegan burger option in their Chicago headquarters store. However, we know there’s more to done in order to bring vegan eating to everyone, and you can help.

Tell McDonald’s today that consumers are flocking away from cruelty and toward plant based protein. It’s time for us to tell McDonald’s to step up and offer a vegan burger–everywhere.

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