One Month Later: Pita Pit Declares its New Vegan Patty a Success

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On May 9, we announced that after working with Animal Outlook, Pita Pit, a national quick-service sandwich chain with more than 100 locations, started offering a new vegan black bean patty on all of its menus. We’ve got even more good news to share: in just four short weeks since the launch of this vegan patty, the company considers it a huge hit.

Paul Erwin, Chief Financial Executive of Pita Pit told Animal Outlook, “We know that a growing number of our customers – and consumers everywhere – are looking for delicious and nutritious heart-healthy options and are also increasingly concerned about animal welfare issues. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a hearty all-vegan black bean patty to our menus nationwide.”

Along with the new patty, the company rolled out a marketing campaign in its stores with promotional posters including one boldly declaring: “Don’t substitute meat. Surpass it. Introducing the spicy black bean pita – a healthy way to get your protein.”

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Pita Pit is calling the vegan patty a “huge success,” according to the company’s June newsletter, which also features rave reviews from customers:

“Thank you for adding a black bean vegan patty to your menu. I love your fresh, delicious food and I am excited that you are taking steps to broaden your customer base.”

“Thank you so much for adding a vegan option to your menu! I love it!!”

“Hey Pita Pit people! Thanks for the yummy black bean patty — I just had my first one tonight, and it was so good I wolfed it all down almost before I had a chance to taste it. I’m going to have to get another one. And it’s vegan, too — fantastic!

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