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Could a Vegan Subway Option Be on the Way?

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This year, vegetarian brand MorningStar Farms took a big step and announced that it would be transitioning its frozen meat replacement line to become fully vegan!  Though the company began reducing its usage of eggs in 2008 after urging from Compassion Over Killing and Vegan Outreach, Vegan Outreach’s continuing campaign has convinced the company to ditch eggs entirely. The line …

Starbucks Pledges More Vegan Innovation at Shareholder Meeting

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After pledging to brew up a nationwide vegan food line one year ago, Starbucks seems to have stalled out. So Compassion Over Killing roasted the coffee chain’s lack of progress at its annual shareholder meeting today–prompting a commitment to continued vegan innovation. Last year, Starbucks told Compassion Over Killing at its annual meeting that a US-wide vegan food line was …

MorningStar Farms Goes Fully Vegan

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In a huge win for animals, leading meatless brand MorningStar Farms has announced that its entire product line will be fully vegan by 2021. The transition has already begun, with the company announcing three new vegan chick’n products last summer. With urging from Vegan Outreach and Animal Outlook, in 2008 MorningStar reduced its use of eggs by one million per …


Celebrating 14 Years: Reflecting on the Past, Building a Kinder Future

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By Erica Meier, Executive Director The New Year offers an important opportunity for reflection, which can spark creative ideas for growth and forward progress. As we enter 2019, I’m reminded that this month, January 2019, marks my 14-year anniversary working at Compassion Over Killing (now Animal Outlook).  I moved to the nation’s capital in 1999 and soon started volunteering at …

5 Ways to Help Chickens Today

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January 5th is National Bird Day — a day to celebrate our feathered friends of all types. So today, we’re bringing attention to the land animal most killed for food: the chicken. Did you know? Chickens have sophisticated social orders. Like humans, they build relationships, distinguish between individuals, use logic, and even plan ahead. They’re also good at math! Also …


18 Ways Animal Outlook Changed the World for Animals in 2018

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Thanks to your unwavering support, we continue making the world a better place for animals. It has truly been a landmark year for Animal Outlook. With you at our side, our undercover investigations expose the truth, our legal team fights for justice, and our corporate campaigns change menus and minds. To wrap up 2018 and get inspired for the new …


Victory: BOCA Confirms Most Products Now Vegan

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Animal Outlook is excited to share this breaking news update about our campaign to persuade BOCA Foods to ditch dairy. Over the past few months, the company has eliminated all but four items with dairy. That means eight of BOCA’s 12 products are now completely vegan. BOCA Brand Manager Eric Palmer confirmed in a statement to Animal Outlook: “At BOCA, …

Jillian Rose Reed

Jillian Rose Reed Tweets Little Caesars: Vegan Cheese, Please!

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Over a half million cows languish on dairy farms, forcibly impregnated and separated from their babies, to churn out milk for Little Caesars’ cheese supplier Leprino Foods. Meanwhile, vegan cheese sales are sizzling–and Domino’s France recently followed in the footsteps of its New Zealand and Australian counterparts in churning out dairy-free pizza on its menu. This vegan victory with Domino’s …

Elite Vegan Athletes to BOCA: Switch for Good and Ditch Dairy

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Nine elite vegan athletes are rallying together for a dairy-free BOCA brand through a powerful letter fired off to parent company Kraft Heinz on behalf of Switch4Good and Animal Outlook. BOCA was once a household name in the veggie burger market–but as it clings to cruel, unhealthy dairy ingredients in many of its products, it’sfalling behind all-vegan competitors like Gardein …