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Jillian Rose Reed Tweets Little Caesars: Vegan Cheese, Please!

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Over a half million cows languish on dairy farms, forcibly impregnated and separated from their babies, to churn out milk for Little Caesars’ cheese supplier Leprino Foods. Meanwhile, vegan cheese sales are sizzling–and Domino’s France recently followed in the footsteps of its New Zealand and Australian counterparts in churning out dairy-free pizza on its menu.

This vegan victory with Domino’s France came after a single tweet requesting vegan-friendly options by French YouTuber “Hardisk” went viral, highlighting the power we have as consumers to shape the menus of our favorite brands–simply by showing them how the demand for plant-powered food is sizzling.

But pizza giant Little Caesars is falling behind by serving misery with every single slice of mozzarella. On dairy farms, female cows are subjected to a brutal cycle of artificial insemination, birth, and milking for as long as they produce high quantities of milk. When they are considered “spent,” their bodies exhausted, they’re shipped to slaughter. Meanwhile, their female babies will enter into the same cycle, and their male babies will be sold for veal.

To put the pressure on Little Caesars’, we’ve teamed up with actor Jillian Rose Reed (Awkward and Weeds) to ask the pizza chain how many tweets it’ll take for it to take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese.

So Jillian is joining Compassion Over Killing in tweeting at Little Caesars that it’s time to catch up with its competitors and make vegan-friendly pizza more accessible to its millions of consumers stateside! The star asks, “How many tweets will it take for @Little Caesars to cater to dairy-free diners & offer vegan cheese?” and urges her fans: “Join @TryVeg and me and RT today if you want vegan pizza at Little Caesars!”

Help Jillian take a slice out of dairy’s cruelty today: Click here to re-tweet her!

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