5 Ways to Help Chickens Today

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January 5th is National Bird Day — a day to celebrate our feathered friends of all types. So today, we’re bringing attention to the land animal most killed for food: the chicken.

Did you know? Chickens have sophisticated social orders. Like humans, they build relationships, distinguish between individuals, use logic, and even plan ahead. They’re also good at math!

Also like humans, chickens experience pain and fear. That’s why, with your help, we want to protect these smart and social birds from the cruelties of animal agribusiness. In the chicken industry, birds are genetically manipulated for unnatural and crippling rapid growth, making their bodies grow too quickly for their organs and legs to support. Many will die from injuries or heart conditions before they can even be shipped to slaughter at only two months old. The ones who do survive will live their entire short lives in filthy, overcrowded sheds where they are deprived of mental or physical stimulation.

This is no life for such intelligent animals–or any animal. This National Bird Day, see just how far your wingspan can reach for chickens by taking action in one (or all!) of these five ways:

1. Tell Tyson to stop crippling birds

Over a quarter million people have already signed COK’s petition urging poultry giant Tyson Foods to end its practice of cruel rapid growth. Though Tyson touts a “commitment to animal well-being,” COK investigations have revealed cruel atrocities on Tyson-contracted farms. Tell Tyson enough is enough, sign the petition today.

2.Tweet for birds

Tyson Foods has hinted at a pivot to plant protein, investing in Beyond Meat and even announcing its own upcoming line of vegan bowls. But Tyson has yet to address the cruelties that a quarter million people have petitioned against. To put on more pressure, tweet at Tyson TODAY. Click here to tweet at @TysonFoods or use our sample below:

SAMPLE TWEET: I’m tweeting for the millions of chickens suffering for @TysonFoods this #NationalBirdDay. Join @TryVeg and me in urging Tyson to end cruel rapid growth & shift to compassionate plant protein TODAY! bit.ly/TysonExposedAgain

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3. Help spread compassion

COK investigators work tirelessly to reveal the truth behind closed doors in the meat, dairy, and egg industries. But we need your help to get the word out. By sharing one of our investigations or a story from Voices of Compassion, you can help others make the connection between what they eat and the lives of the birds we’re celebrating today.

Share: In late 2018, COK exposed heartbreaking cruelty in a high-speed chicken slaughter plant called Amick Farms in Maryland. With USDA approval, this plant operates at higher speeds, killing as many as 175 birds per minute–and chickens are suffering for it. Share the impactful video today.

4. Ask for vegan options

In coalition with other animal protection organizations, COK is calling out fast-food giant McDonald’s for the cruelty to chickens in its supply chain, including painful rapid growth and horrific factory farm conditions. With a powerful Times Square ad, we’re shedding light on this cruelty and urging consumers to reject it — and instead ask for a compassionate vegan option.

You can help by submitting a comment telling McDonald’s that consumers are flocking away from cruelty and looking for a vegan meal.

5. Share a chicken-free meal

The best way to celebrate birds is to keep them off your plate. With vegan options expanding every day, it’s easier than ever to replicate your favorite old chicken recipes without the cruelty. Plus, one of the best ways to spread veganism is by showing friends and family just how easy and delicious it can be.

Check out TryVeg.com for some tasty recipes, including vegan chicken salad sandwiches or vegan chicken quesadillas.

Tweet at us at @TryVeg or share your chicken-free recipe photos with us on Instagram so we can celebrate National Bird Day with you!

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