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Lean & Green Days: Philadelphia Public Schools to Promote Meat-Free Eating

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The City of Brotherly Love keeps showing just how much love it has for heart-healthy food.

This fall, Philadelphia Public Schools will introduce weekly Lean & Green Days, when schools across the city will encourage students to choose from a variety of meat-free options — including pasta with marinara sauce, veggie calzones, and bean burritos — on the menu.

This announcement follows a Meatless Monday resolution the Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed last October, which endorses this nationwide healthy-eating initiative and encourages residents to participate.

”The School District of Philadelphia’s decision to adopt Lean & Green meals is exactly the kind of positive change we had in mind when we passed the Meatless Monday resolution,” said City Councilmember Cindy Bass, as reported by the University City Review. “It’s worth celebrating — a major win for children’s health, the environment, and animals.”

Councilmember Bass is right: With 85,000 meals served every day in the city’s school district, Lean & Green Days are well worth celebrating.

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