Campaign Update: Quorn Rolling Out More Vegan Options!

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Need more proof that vegan eating keeps getting easier? In amazing news for vegans and meat-eaters alike, Quorn, the popular, UK-based maker of meat-free foods, will be rolling out new vegan products in the US starting in early 2016. 

COK has worked with several major food companies — including Morningstar Farms, Lightlife, and BOCA Foods — persuading them to reduce or eliminate their use of eggs and other animal products, and Quorn is another campaign success story!

COK started reaching out to the company in 2010, and in 2011, Quorn created its first-ever vegan product and decided to introduce it to the US market: an all-vegan patty. In 2012, the company revealed they were planning to roll out an entire vegan line, which is now starting to hit store shelves in the UK.

As reports, five new products are currently scheduled to come to US markets next year, though the specific items have yet to be announced. Quorn recently sold to Phillippines-based Monde Nissin for $831M, a sign of the growing popularity and influence of vegetarian and vegan convenience foods. In keeping with that trend, research suggests that 36% of Americans are open to plant-based eating.

Since COK first reached out to the company in 2010, Quorn has also reduced its use of eggs overall: 3.5 million fewer each year. In all, since 2010, COK’s efforts have led to Quorn using 21 million fewer eggs, preventing an estimated 84,000 hens from suffering on factory farms!  And with these new vegan products, egg use will drop even further, which benefits consumers, the environment, and animals alike.

Stay tuned for more updates on COK’s work with Quorn and other brands!

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