Pizza Hut UK Takes a Slice Out of Competition with Vegan Menu

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Pizza Hut UK will now have a full vegan menu with five vegan pizzas featuring Violife vegan cheese after seeing the sizzling demand for dairy-free! The exciting news comes on the heels of the chain offering a vegan Jack ‘n’ Cheese pizza as a Veganuary special and seeing pies fly out of stores before making the popular pizza a permanent …

Nationwide Pizza Party Asks Little Caesars to Offer Vegan Cheese

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Friday was National Pizza Party Day, and we celebrated vegan-style! Pizza lovers nationwide joined us by telling Little Caesars to take a slice out of cruelty to cows and offer dairy-free cheese. As plant-based foods take the world by storm, Pizza Hut UK, Domino’s Australia, and several major US pizza chains are dishing up vegan cheese. Yet, Little Caesars continues …

Artist ‘Paints the Ice’ at Little Caesars Arena: Offer Vegan Cheese!

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At the Detroit Red Wings’ “Paint the Ice” event inside Little Caesars Arena today, a local artist created a special message for the pizza giant: Red Wings fans (and pizza eaters everywhere) would love a slice of vegan cheese pizza! Joining other hockey game-goers in covering the icy “canvas” with artwork, Detroit-based artist Joshua Burley helped Compassion Over Killing paint …

Vegan Cheese Selling Out at Domino’s in Australia

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Dairy-free is in demand! Sales of dairy milk are slumping, and as time and again investigations reveal the cruelty of cow’s milk, consumers are turning to kinder, healthier plant-based milks. And the vegan cheese market is expected to continue soaring, surpassing $3.5 billion by 2020. Pizza is no exception: in fact, a report by international restaurant consultants Baum + Whiteman stated that 2018 …

Olympian & Animal Advocate Dotsie Bausch to Papa John’s: Offer Vegan Cheese!

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Olympian and animal advocate Dotsie Bausch has personally sent a letter to Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter of their shared hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, a fellow cyclist with whom she’s rode before, asking that the nationwide pizza chain headquartered in Louisville offer dairy-free cheese. Dotsie is emphasizing that this simple addition to the menu would make plant-based eating more accessible to …

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October is National Pizza Month – MANGIA!

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There are few things more mouthwatering than the ooey-gooey goodness of a piping-hot piece of pie, hot out of the wood-fired oven – of course, we’re talking PIZZA pie! While October may be known for many things, (Halloween, fall, pumpkins) – it’s also National Pizza Month. Pizza may traditionally be an Italian gift to the world, but the overwhelming possibilities …


Domino’s Delivers Vegan Pizza in Israel

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Vegan pizza-lovers everywhere just breathed a collective sigh of envy with the news that Domino’s pizza (yes, the franchise chain with more than 10,000 locations worldwide) just added a meat- and dairy-free pizza to its menus throughout Israel. This isn’t just a “hold the cheese” pizza, either — it comes fully-loaded with soy cheese and vegetable toppings.