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Lean Cuisine Debuts Line of Meatless Entrees

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Frozen entree maker Lean Cuisine (owned by Nestlé) is debuting fourteen new meatless dishes–two of which are completely vegan! The company, owned by Nestlé, says that plant-based foods are among the products for which consumers are looking.

Though most of the new entrees contain animal products of some kind, there are two that are totally vegan-friendly: Check out the Coconut Chickpea Curry and Sicilian-Style Pesto with Lentil Pasta!

According to Julie Lehman, Lean Cuisine’s Marketing Director, the new line is called Origins and “offers even more of what our consumers are after, from gluten-free foods to meatless offerings to options made with organic ingredients and now, vegan dishes.” The new line, which will contain at least 70% vegan ingredients, is also inexpensive–entrees have a suggested retail price of $3.69.

These changes come as part of Lean Cuisine’s efforts to make their line more nutritious by reducing sodium and filling meals with more vegetables, whole grains, and meatless proteins. Like other growing brands, Nestlé and Lean Cuisine are realizing that the best way to offer consumers a nutritious bang for their buck is to invest in the popular plant-based market.

Consumers are demanding quick, easy, vegan meals in the frozen food section, but while companies like Lean Cuisine ramp up their ethical options, others are falling behind. Kraft Heinz’s vegetarian line, BOCA, is still not fully vegan despite thousands of customer demands!

With formerly meat-based lines becoming more vegan-friendly, BOCA can easily make its convenient frozen options all vegan. Sign our petition to ask Kraft Heinz to be a leader in the plant-based marketplace and ditch dairy!

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