12 Fast Food Chains That Serve Vegan Options

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Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in fast food. With fast food chains adding more and more vegan options to their menus, there are many options to choose from. Check out our list below to find out what’s out there:


Chipotle is a great place to get a quick bite if you’re vegan. Their salsas, fajita veggies, corn, rice, beans and tortillas are all vegan, as well as their staple guac. Plus their beans are a great source of protein. And don’t forget their sofritas, which are soy based and taste amazing.

Burger King

Burger King recently rolled out their Impossible Whopper, which uses a plant-based patty. You’ll need to make sure to get it without cheese or mayo though to veganize it. And make sure to get fries or a salad on the side, which are both vegan as well. If you go to BK for breakfast you can get hash browns and french toast sticks, or even some applesauce as a snack.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is another great option for vegans. Their chips and guacamole, cilantro rice, black or refried beans, and Mexican rice are all vegan, as well as all of their salsas. Both the Bean Burrito and Black Bean Crunch Wrap Supreme can be ordered “al fresco,” which means without cheese, and they become an awesome quick vegan meal. If you’re in the mood for a treat you can also order their cinnamon twists.


Dunkin’ has been making strides to include more vegan options on their menu. Their avocado toast, bagels, and hash browns are all vegan, as well as their Beyond Meat sausage patty, though it’s only available at certain locations, mostly on the West Coast. Dunkin’ also doesn’t have any vegan donut options on their menu, but if you want to pressure them to offer one, sign our petition.


Starbucks has also made vegan progress, but most vegan options are only available at certain locations. Vegan options include Strawberry Overnight Grains and Chickpea Bites. You can also order a bagel with avocado spread, as long as you order it on a plain, sprouted grain or multigrain bagel. 


Panera has a few vegan options, but nothing to write home about yet. If you order most of their sandwiches without meat or cheese, most of them can be veganized. That goes for salads as well. They have a vegan ten-vegetable soup option as well as a few smoothies and oatmeal. 


Qdoba is similar to Chipotle — they’re both Mexican fast food places and they both have many vegan options. Instead of soy-based sofritas, Qdoba uses Impossible Foods. That means you can get most of their burritos and bowls with Impossible Meat. Their chips, guac, salsas, beans, rice, veggies and tortillas are all vegan, giving you plenty of options when making a fun and delicious burrito or bowl.

White Castle

At White Castle, there are a few plant-based options — an Impossible Slider, (hold the cheese) and some locations carry dairy-free cheese, so be sure to ask if that is an option when you order. White Castle also offers a veggie burger which uses a Dr. Praeger’s patty. You can get fries on the side, but you may not be able to get the onion rings, because strangely White Castle has three different ingredients lists for them depending on region, not all of which are vegan. If you live in the Louisville, St Louis, or Chicago areas you may have vegan onion rings at your local White Castle. 

Five Guys

Five Guys is severely lacking in vegan options. The only things vegan on the menu are the regular fries, the cajun fries and the sauces. That’s it.


Wendy’s also needs to step up their plant-based game. The baked potato can be veganized if you hold the butter, sour cream and cheese. You can get a garden salad (hold the croutons). The mixed berry fruit cup is the only vegan snack. You can’t get the fries because unfortunately they cook them with fish. 


IHOP has a few plant-based options, but it’s going to require asking for no butter to be used during cooking. They have hash browns, English muffins with jam, baked potato without butter, fries and salad. IHOP doesn’t offer a vegan pancake unfortunately, although if they added one a lot of vegans would be delighted. 


McDonald’s is one of the worst fast food places for vegans in the U.S. For breakfast you can order fruit & maple oatmeal without the cream. Or you could get the apple slices. You can get the garden salad without the cheese, but that’s pretty much it. McDonald’s has a McPlant line in some places outside of the U.S. and we’d love it if the chain brought it stateside.

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  1. Hello, my name is Laura Lee, thank you for all the great information! This coming Saturday, October 16 at 4 o’clock my church will be presenting a health program. Do I have your permission to mention your website and share a recipe from your booklet?

    1. Post
  2. You forgot Carl’s Jr. Carl’s has there impossible Burger, hold the cheese and mayo! And it’s way yummy! I get it well done and take it home and put vegan cheese on it! I also order Mod pizza just veggies and they have dairy free cheese and veganize a pizza there, and Subway just order all veggies with oil and vinegar etc. Gotta get creative sometimes!

  3. Chipotle is the only chain I will use “for emergency food only” Holding the meat/dairy/croutons etc. doesn’t guarantee non-contamination nor change the price. Why bother?

  4. I won’t go in ANY restaurant that sells animal flesh. I don’t want to smell it or see it. I have to go to the grocery store and there is a deli, but I don’t have a choice at this point.

  5. I choose not to give my money to establishments that make 99% of their profit off of inhumane factory murder farms!!! I will only eat at vegan establishments!

  6. Bolay has many options as does CoreLife and Tijuana Flats. Don’t forget about Indian Buffets. Just ask them to show you what is suitable. Not really fast food but IHOP was included so I thought I’d mention it.

  7. Just an update – IHOP has the Impossible Burger now – you can select it on any “flavor” burger.
    They also have a Plant-Based Sausage Patty.

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