Got Plant Milk? 9 Dairy-Free Milks to Try

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Switching from cow’s milk to a plant-based/vegan milk is a great, easy (and delicious) step in going vegan. The vegan market is booming, which means there’s a huge variety of dairy-free milks to try, and you’re bound to find something you like, whether you want to enjoy it in cereal, baking, cooking, or cookie-dunking!

Compassion Over Killing Outreach & Education former-intern Erika Wilkinson put together a list of some easy-to-find plant milk options. Need some more cow-nvincing? Check out why Teegan the Vegan cow wants you to switch to plant milk. Cow’s milk is for baby cows!

non-dairy milknon-dairy milk

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

One of the most accessible options, this almond milk brand is found in most grocery stores, usually right by its cow’s milk counterparts. At only $2-3 a carton, it comes in original, sweetened, and vanilla versions — even chocolate!

non-dairy milk

Ripple Pea Milk

Super creamy, this milk is a great choice for new vegans, or for kids who might shirk other, less creamy brands. Stick to original or try chocolate or vanilla!

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So Delicious Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is very versatile, good in both sweet and savory dishes. Use it in curry for something savory or satisfy your sweet tooth by making whipped cream or avocado pudding, or put it in your coffee. The texture’s thick and creamy, but for an even thicker option, use canned. 

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Oatly Oat Milk

One of the favorites for coffee! Try original for cereals, smoothies, and drinking, and the barista version for a more creamy milk perfect for baking and cooking.

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Good Karma Flax Milk

Flax milk is a great source of omega 3s and is rich in protein! Have it with your favorite vegan cereal or blend it with some fruit for a nutrient-packed smoothie.

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Milkadamia Macadamia Nut Milk

Milkadamia uses raw macadamia nuts for a subtle, smooth creaminess that is perfect for coffee roast, soups, and smoothies. Try original or unsweetened for a creamy, healthy, and delicious latte.

non-dairy milk

Silk Soy Milk

Silk can be found at almost every grocery store and at a great value. Soy milk has a mild taste making it a great replacement for cow’s milk. Use it for baking, cooking and drinking!

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Dream Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is great for both sweet and savory dishes. Make some mashed potatoes or bake up some muffins. Cashew milk is great for everything! The hint of cashew taste makes this milk a delicious and flavorful drink.

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Elmherst Hazelnut Milk

Elmherst is one of the more expensive plant milks on the market, however, it is also one of the most delicious! The unique flavor of hazelnut makes this milk great for desserts. Dunk your vegan cookies, put it in your coffee, or just drink it plain!


Choose your milk, then try a recipe from TryVeg!

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