Unwanted Milk = Dairy Plant to Produce 2M Fewer Gallons Per Year

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Consumer views of cow’s milk are souring, as shoppers turn to healthier plant-based options.  Sales are declining and expected to continue to drop.

But it’s not just the cholesterol leading shoppers to leave cow’s milk out of their carts, it’s cruelty too. Compassion Over Killing has exposed the heartbreaking reality of life for dairy cows and their calves. Right up to the end, when exhausted cows — no longer able to produce milk — are sent to slaughter.

COK’s most recent investigative video, filmed inside Gettysburg, PA dairy factory Mason Dixon, revealed violent abuse of gentle mother cows, including animals being kicked in the face, punched in their sensitive udders, and repeatedly shocked. A downed cow, too weak to walk, was shocked until she was forced to walk to the milking machine.

Meanwhile, the milk market is changing and a soaring number of consumers are opting out of quenching the dairy industry’s ruthless thirst for profit. A surplus of cow’s milk is building, and millions of gallons are being dumped down the drain.

Now a major dairy processor, Galliker’s Dairy, based in Johnstown, PA, is cutting ties with 11 of its suppliers due to a longtime surplus.

As AP reports, this dairy drop will result in Galliker’s producing 13% less milk each year — that’s 2 million fewer gallons! Good news for cows, who continue to suffer for the unwanted milk being produced by the dairy industry.

You can join the many consumers who are ditching dairy and picking plant-based milk. There are more dairy-free options than ever in mainstream stores nationwide.

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Care about cows! Here are two quick and easy actions you can take today:

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