On Tap: Compassionate Draughts

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Froth. Foam. Chilled, bubbly malt and hops in a long, tall pilsner. Is your mouth watering yet?

It’s  National American Beer Day! Yes, the most dreaded day of the week just got a bit more manageable – what better way to cure a case of the Mondays than a post-workday brew?

Global beer history dates back over 12,000 delicious years. In fact, a song about beer was written to the Sumerian goddess of beer as early as 1800 BC – but even that was 4,000 long years after the first evidence of brewing.

As for beer in America, American Indians were brewing long before the colonists arrived with their own recipe, but the first public brewery opened in what is now Manhattan in 1612, and by 1810 there were already 132 small breweries.

Despite the Prohibition Era, the love for the sweet liquid gold has persisted – and triumphed.  The US beer industry has obtained unprecedented global reach and financial success thanks to companies like Anheuser Busch and Millercoors (some of whose beers are vegan!), but there has also been a hugely inspiring movement back to small-scale brewing. As of 2013, over 2,800 American microbreweries and brewpubs were in operation, re-inventing and celebrating the world’s all-time favorite pastime in truly American style.

Check out these hip spots near you that have a great selection of vegan beers but also offer finger-lickin’ cruelty-free eats.

Not in these areas? Not to worry! Check out John Schlimm’s “The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Happy Hour” for great recipes and beer pairings. Or check out Barnivore’s app that tracks the latest and greatest in vegan libations. Cheers!

Meridian Pint in Washington, DC  – Beer: Flying Dog Snake Dog

All-Star Pizza Bar in Boston, MA – Beer: Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Northdown Taproom in Chicago, IL – Beer: 3 Floyds Zombie Dust

Bangers in Austin, TX – Beer: Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle IPA

The Bye and Bye in Portland, OR – Beer: Terminal Gravity IPA

Tony’s Darts Away in Los Angeles, CA – Beer: Stone Runiation IPA

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