Cincinnati Eatery Hopes to Bring Plant-Based Eating to Your Doorstep

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As compassionate and healthy eating continues to gain popularity, the plant-based market is booming. From shopping at stores to ordering at restaurants, more and more consumers are choosing nutritious and sustainable vegan meals at an affordable price. In cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC and often beyond, it’s even easy to have a delicious plant-based meal delivered …

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QSR: How to Improve Your Restaurant? “Invite Vegans”

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Vegan options are in demand, and restaurants and fast-food chains are taking note! For example: White Castle just served up a second vegan slider, and the world’s first 24-hour vegan drive-thru is coming right up. In fact, plant-based was named one of 2017’s top global food trends — and even the CEO of Tyson Foods has said plant-based demand is outpacing meat. …

Women: Paving the Way for a Veg-Friendly Future

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Women are the future of food — a future powered by plants. Female entrepreneurs across the country are opening popular, fast-casual eateries big on fruits, veggies and a plethora of plant-based goodies, and consumers are eating them up. Literally. A recent article in QSR, a quick service restaurant industry magazine, highlighted 20 women running wildly successful chains — some of which …