Justice for All: Celebrating Cheryl Leahy’s 10 Years at COK!

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A note from Compassion Over Killing’s Board of Directors:  We are so proud to celebrate Cheryl Leahy’s 10-year anniversary at COK! As General Counsel, Cheryl proves that no sector of animal agriculture is beyond the reach of COK’s challenge. She has led investigative efforts against the egg, dairy, chicken, pork, beef, turkey, and foie gras industries, and spearheaded groundbreaking legal actions against …

Foie Gras No More!

Victory for Ducks and Geese: US Supreme Court Allows CA’s Foie Gras Ban to Stand

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In yet another victory for animals, the Supreme Court of the United States yesterday declined to hear a challenge to California’s foie gras ban, allowing the prohibition on the sale of this cruel product to remain in effect. California has banned the production and sale of foie gras, a so-called “delicacy” made from the diseased livers of ducks and geese, …


COK Investigation Update: Pilgrim’s Responds, Calls Acts on Video “Unacceptable”

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Late last month, CNN aired an exclusive, in-depth report breaking COK’s latest undercover video exposing shocking cruelty to chickens at a North Carolina factory farm that supplies Pilgrim’s, the second-largest chicken slaughterer in the world. Our heartbreaking footage uncovers horrors that include birds genetically manipulated to grow so obese, they suffer from painful and debilitating leg deformities, sick or injured …

factory farm fire

Lack of Proper Precautions Lead to Factory Farm Fires

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AgLast week, leaking ammonia caused an animal slaughter plant in China to go up in flames, resulting in 120 human deaths, and an unknown number of chickens also perished. While many have pointed fingers at China’s lax safety standards–and it’s justifiable that these standards be looked at–it’s also time to reexamine the fire safety standards in U.S. slaughter plants and factory farms.