COK Files Lawsuit Against California Hatchery to Stop Cruel and Unlawful Practices

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Compassion Over Killing is teaming up with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to represent us in a lawsuit filed today against Cal-Cruz Hatcheries. The complaint, filed in the California Superior Court, seeks to stop the alleged ongoing abuse of baby birds inside this Santa Cruz-based chicken hatchery that was exposed in the media in 2010 for shocking cruelty to animals as documented by a COK investigation.

Media Alerts Public to Lawsuit Over Big Dairy’s Program that Killed Young Cows to Raise Milk Prices

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KOMO News Dairy Price Fixing StillLate last month, we announced that COK uncovered yet more unethical behavior by dairy industry giants. Our initial research led to a class action lawsuit, filed by Hagens Bergan on behalf of consumers, accusing several dairy industry groups of working collectively to implement a $9.5 billion price-fixing scheme that involved killing 500,000 young cows in order to inflate the price of milk nationwide.