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Update: Pig Factory Farm Worker Convicted of Animal Cruelty

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Shortly after the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) released an undercover video exposing extreme animal abuse inside Wyoming Premium Farms, several of these pig breeding factory farm workers, including two managers, were charged with cruelty to animals.

Following a trial earlier this week, one of those workers – Jarrod Barney Jaurez – was convicted of one count of animal cruelty for abusing a piglet. According to HSUS, Juarez was sentenced to a fine, court costs, a suspended 30 day jail sentence, and six months of probation. Six other workers have already pled guilty to multiple counts of animal cruelty and one plea is still pending.

This week’s conviction stems from evidence provided by HSUS that was documented by an undercover investigator working inside the facility in 2012. The video reveals incredibly violent and downright sadistic scenes of animal abuse including mother pigs repeatedly punched and kicked in the face as well as piglets swung around by their back legs or kicked like soccer balls. Read more about this investigation and watch the video.

In addition to enduring egregiously abusive conditions, the mother pigs inside this facility are forced to spend months on end nearly immobilized inside narrow gestation crates, an inhumane yet standard US industry practice that as of this year has been banned throughout the European Union based on welfare concerns.

How you can you help? Share this news with others and empower them to stand up for animals every time they sit down to eat simply by choosing vegan foods.

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