Survey Says: 10% of Sweden Now Vegan or Vegetarian

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According to the Independent, a new poll commissioned by Animal Rights Sweden shows that 10% of Swedes identify as vegan or vegetarian — that’s nearly one million people. This number has increased by 4% over the past five years and is expected to rise, particularly among younger demographics, 17% of whom described themselves as vegan or vegetarian.

Of the one in 10 Swedes identifying as vegan or vegetarian, 21% said they were strongly influenced by their concern for animals, and 28% said they were partly concerned for this reason.

The study also noted that more people are eating meat-free meals thanks to the increasing availability of vegetarian products in stores – in fact, the number of people interested in purchasing vegetarian products has risen from 26% in 2009 to a whopping 37% today!

Sweden is not the only European country with an expanding interest in vegetarian eating: Italy and Germany boast the highest rate of vegetarians in the European Union, and Germany’s popular all-vegan grocery chain Veganz is expanding to London this year and aiming to have 21 outposts throughout Europe by 2015.

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