New Documentary: Got the Facts on Milk?

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got the facts on milkIf you’re like most Americans, chances are you grew up drinking lots of milk. In fact, you were probably taught that you need milk for strong bones and teeth. What you might not have learned is that the health benefits of cow’s milk are often overrated — and, what’s worse, dairy consumption has been shown to actually be harmful to our bodies.

That’s where Got the Facts on Milk comes in. Premiering in Los Angeles tonight and available on DVD starting on Aug. 30, this feature-length, award-winning documentary delves into the dark side of drinking dairy and is a “humorous yet shocking exposition that provokes
serious thought about this everyday staple.”

The dairy industry is also responsible for causing a tremendous amount of animal suffering. Like us, cows produce milk to feed their young and form strong mother-child bonds. On factory farms, however, dairy cows are bred and given drugs to produce abnormally large quantities of milk. They’re also routinely impregnated, and shortly after birth, their calf is taken away so the milk can be collected for human consumption, while the calves are given a milk replacer. Female calves will likely stay in the dairy industry while many male calves, who of course can’t produce milk, are considered industry byproducts — after a few short months inside a tiny crate, they’ll be killed and their meat will be marketed as veal.

Check out the trailer for Got the Facts on Milk (below) and be sure to also visit for delious dairy-free and animal-friendly recipes that everyone will enjoy — including the cows.

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