Sandwich Nation

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Americans eat over 300 million sandwiches a day – that’s almost as many sandwiches as there are people in this country! And with almost 43,000 stores in 107 countries (over 25,000 of them in the US), Subway is one of the most popular places people turn to for a good ol’ sarnie.

How did such a convenient culinary combination come to be?

The Earl of Sandwich, back in the 18th century, had a gambling problem. In fact, he had SUCH a gambling problem that he didn’t want to leave the table to eat and demanded a hand-held meal. His chef, unnamed in history books, came up with today’s version of what is now one of America’s staples: the sandwich, to which we say, “HUZZAH!”

Whether you like yours on sliced bread or packed tightly into a hoagie roll, it might actually be safe to say there isn’t a human on this planet who doesn’t enjoy a convenient, hand-held, bread-ensconced mid-day feast.

We love them so much, in fact, we have come up with reasons to make breakfast sandwiches, fancy dinner sandwiches, and even ice cream sandwiches like these pistachio macaroon delights from The Zen Pop Shop.

Mustard, Just Mayo, maybe even oil, vinegar, and oregano; toasted, quartered, rye or wheat – whatever your favorite sandwich is, you know exactly how to stack it. And with so many Subways in America, we’d love to be able to pop down the street at ANY time and get exactly what our mouth was watering for: something filling, tasty, and compassionate.

Some Subways are giving vegan options a trial run right now – and for this, We Love Subway! But we truly believe, as a nation of sandwich-lovers, Subway could do better!

Ask Subway for vegan options near you by leaving a comment for them on our website. Then tell a friend, and spread the sandwich love!

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