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Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Soni Joins Athletes Saying, “Not So Fast, USDA!”

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Six-time Olympic medalist, World Champion, and world record-holding swimmer Rebecca Soni is all about speed. But outside of the pool, she’s using her voice against the USDA’s reckless plan to speed up pig slaughter lines nationwide, which would endanger millions of animals, workers, and consumers.

Swimmers, cyclists, and runners must be fast–but slaughterhouses are no place for racing, according to Olympic swimmer Rebecca Soni, the latest sports star to team up with Compassion Over Killing to stop the USDA’s dangerous high-speed pig slaughter program. 

Kickstarted by professional race car driver Leilani Münter in 2016, the “Not So Fast, USDA” campaign has been previously fronted by NBA All-Star Metta World Peace, Olympic medalist and activist Dotsie Bausch, cyclist Jack Lindquist, rock climber and flyer Steph Davis, race car driver Spencer Pumpelly, World Cup volleyball champion Dustin Watten, ultra runner Laura Kline, and race car driver Andy Lally.

Compassion Over Killing’s 2015 investigation of a model plant for the pilot program’s expansion documented pigs being cruelly shocked, dragged, and improperly stunned, as well as pigs covered in feces or pus-filled abscesses processed for human consumption–with a USDA inspection seal of approval

Yet despite hearing from these elite athletes–along with a quarter million of you–that it’s no game to reverse progress by speeding up slaughter lines, the agency is plowing forward with this cruel program under the guise of “modernization.”

JOIN REBECCA SONI: Take action and sign the petition today telling the USDA: “Not so fast!”

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