It’s National Donut Day – Ask for Vegan Donuts!

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It’s the first Friday of June, and that means it’s National Donut Day! This sweet day has been celebrated in the US since 1938, and donut shops around the country, including several Dunkin’ Donuts locations, give away free donuts to customers.

Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain with nearly 8,000 locations throughout the US. The mega chain’s offerings boast almond milk that you can enjoy with coffee at 75% of Dunkin Donuts locations (look for the “AM” symbol on the store locator map) — but each of the more than 50 donut varieties offered is made with egg and dairy products.

The addition of almond milk, announced in 2014 — “You’ve Asked and We’ve Heard”, is good news for animals and consumers alike — and it’s time for Dunkin Donuts to take the next step and add vegan donuts to its menu.

Who wouldn’t love a compassionate cruller or a benevolent Boston cream? And check out Cinnamon Snail’s vegan “Inception Donut” (yup, a donut topped with donuts!), which is whipping up headlines!

Visit today to ask Dunkin to fill its donut trays with vegan options — what better time than on National Donut Day?

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