Rave Reviews for Subway’s Vegan Subs

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Reaching out to corporations and encouraging them to change the way they do business is a cornerstone of Animal Outlook’s efforts because every success has a meaningful and positive impact for farmed animals. Encouraging major restaurant retailers and food companiesincluding some of the largest franchises in the worldto offer plant-based options helps to further mainstream the idea of not eating animals by making vegan foods more familiar and available to the masses.  Our corporate campaigns make it easier for people to choose compassionate, healthful and environmentally-responsible food choices everyday—and that’s good news for animals.

So far Animal Outlook has successfully persuaded Morningstar Farms, BOCA Foods, Lightlife and Quorn to reduce or eliminate their use of eggs as well as offer new vegan options. We worked with Pita Pit to launch a vegan patty in all of its 100+ locations nationwide, which the company touted as a “huge success” just one month after adding it the menu.

And now, after Animal Outlook has been reaching out to Subway and encouraging thousands of consumers to request vegan options through our campaign website, WeLoveSubway.com, the world’s largest restaurant chain is starting to listen: last year Subway stores in Canada introduced a “Totally Vegged” vegan patty, and just this month we, along with The Humane League, announced that Subway launched THREE vegan sandwiches in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. The “Sweet Riblet,” “Malibu Greek” and “Italian Black Bean” have debuted to rave reviews, as posted on WeLoveSubway.com:

  • “I had the riblet sandwich for lunch yesterday and it was delicious! Even a non-vegetarian would love this sandwich.” – Jonathan, Washington, DC
  • “Today, my husband and I had the Riblet for lunch and the Malibu Greek for dinner—really yummy!” – Alysoun, Arlington, VA
  • “The vegan riblet sandwich is incredible. Can’t wait for it to be available to the rest of America and the world!” – Alex, Washington, DC
  • “OMG—your new all-vegan riblet sandwich is AMAZING! I’ve been going there for lunch all week, but the store just ran out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get more. Thank you SO much, Subway!”Beth, Washington, DC
  • “I recently ate your Italian Black Bean sandwich at your Ellicott City location. It was AWESOME!” Justin, Fort Meade, MD
  • “Just tried your new vegan riblet sandwich for lunch—it was SO good! My non-vegan co-workers were impressed by it, too. Thanks for expanding your menu.” – Nancy, Alexandria, VA

Vegan Subs

And it’s not just consumers singing Subway’s praises for testing out plant-based options. The new menu has garnered major media attention including in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, ABC News, FOX News, MSN Now, NBC4Miami New Times, Long Island Press, and more.

Washington’s DCist even went out to Subway to sample the sandwiches and featured this headline: “Fake Meat Never Tasted So Good: We Taste-Test Subway’s New Vegan Subs and Like Them.”

Live in the DC-area? Stop by one of the nine locations offering these delicious new sandwiches for lunch or dinner—then go to WeLoveSubway.com to tell the company how much you enjoyed it.

Live in the LA area? Attend our Summer Soiree by the Sea on 7/21. The comedy showcase and fundraiser benefits our groundbreaking corporate campaigns and other life-saving work for animals.

Live elsewhere? You can still leave a comment at WeLoveSubway.com or call the company at 203-877-4281 to request vegan options everywhere.

Want to do more? Visit DunkinCruelty.com and urge Dunkin’ Donuts to add vegan options to its menu.


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