Plant-Powered Planet Protectors March for Animals and Earth at Climate Strike

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Last week, animal activists converged across the country to speak up for the way animal agriculture affects our climate at the student-led Climate Strike. The Plant-Powered Planet Protectors (P4), a diverse coalition of groups including Compassion Over Killing, Plant Based Foods Association, Climate Friendly Agriculture Alliance, The Humane League, V-Dog, and Center for Biological Diversity, showed up in Washington, DC and San Francisco to support the march started by vegan climate activist Greta Thunberg. 

This was our third year marching with P4 to bring attention to the animal agriculture industry’s devastating role in environmental degradation and climate change. Our empowering message? Everyone has the power to protect the planet and take a bite out of climate change simply by choosing delicious vegan meals.

At the DC Climate Strike, our banner was seen marching to the Capitol Building, and in San Francisco we teamed up with Factory Farming Awareness Coalition which also spread information on how to save the Tule Elk. 

As recent studies have shown, choosing a plant-based diet is the most effective way to lessen our individual contribution to climate change.

Factory farming causes vast suffering for billions of animals, and takes a severe toll on surrounding communities and the environment as a whole. The majority of animals farmed for food are raised on intensively crowded and filthy factory farms. These industrial facilities, with their massive amounts of methane-releasing waste, are a major cause of the world’s rising temperature. 

To get serious about climate change and turning around the proverbial sinking ship, we must, as individuals, refuse to buy into the system that is destroying our planetary home.

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