Tyson Foods: Vegan “News Coming in a Few Weeks”

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Tyson Foods has just pledged that more plant protein news is “coming very soon” at a food innovation forum at its Chicago office–yet it continues to ignore the extreme cruelty Animal Outlook has documented in its supply chain. 

At the “New Disruptors in Consumer Products: Incubators, Accelerators & Entrepreneurs” forum at Tyson’s Chicago office last week, Animal Outlook volunteer Sandi Swiss took the company to task for the devastating effects of Tyson’s breeding of birds for extremely fast, unnatural growth–often causing their legs to buckle under their own morbidly obese bodies.

She pointed out that millions are moving toward compassionate vegan food–and then asked when Tyson will become a true food innovator by ending devastating rapid growth and substantially shifting its supply chain toward plant protein.

In response, Rizal Hamdallah, head of Tyson’s Innovation Lab, said, “There will be news coming very soon about how serious we are about doing this. … I think we’re looking at plant protein as the future of protein.”

He continued, “There will be more news coming in a few weeks, and I hope that will give a lot of confidence for a lot of our customers about … how we position this, not only for [a] niche market but for [the] mass market, which Tyson Foods [has] the scale of opportunity to provide.”

Tyson clearly recognizes its ability, as the nation’s largest chicken-killing company, to help drive progress in the food industry–yet its failure to step up against egregious suffering in its supply chain has positioned it as anything but a true food leader. To take a stand against this cruelty, sign the petition for Tyson to stop torturing birds with cruel rapid growth.  

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