Plant-Based Vegan Thanksgiving Meals Everyone – Even Turkeys – Can Enjoy

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Plant-based eating: Give it a try today

This Thanksgiving, let’s give turkeys something to be thankful for – compassionate cooking. In this season of gratitude, let’s show our appreciation for these  intelligent and social animals by leaving them OFF our plates.

While some turkeys (like Marley, Lennon and Jean, pictured above) are lucky and end up at animal sanctuaries across the country, each Thanksgiving 46 million turkeys are not so lucky. But keeping the spirit of compassion alive through tradition is important. Here are three delicious, plant-based ways to celebrate with your family that everyone — including turkeys — can enjoy.

Whether you’ve got a day or a week to prepare, or are cooking for one or twenty, we guarantee you’ll find something heart-warming and palate-pleasing on our three expertly-curated menus.

Just be careful: These will inspire jealousy in fellow pot-luckers, and may result in several requests for second and third portions.

Classic & Simple

Total cooking time: 1.5 hours, including soaking, chilling and prep

Pictured:'s Holiday Stuffing plant-based

Pictured:’s holiday stuffing

New & Extravagant

Total cooking time: 3.5 hours, including chilling and prep

Best of Both Worlds

Total cooking time: 2 hours, including chilling and prep

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