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Vegan Chef Wins Food Network Competition

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What happens when you put a vegan chef on a cooking competition show that is all about skill, speed, and ingenuity? They win, of course. That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night when Philadelphia restaurant Vedge’s chef Rich Landau competed on the Food Network’s Chopped.

With a menu that included chia-seed encrusted summer rolls in a mushroom broth and tempeh steaks with tomatillo salsa, chef Rich showed once again that vegan food is creative, crave-able, and most importantly, here to stay.

Rich quickly proved that he was there to compete — and win. After the first dish, one judge said he was “astounded by the flavor and richness” of a dish without animal fats.

His second dish featured tempeh steaks with tomatillo salsa, and one judge added that the “tempeh looked tempting!”

This week’s Chopped isn’t the first time vegan food has reigned supreme on a decisively non-vegan show. In June of 2010, chef Chloe Coscarelli competed on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars winning with flavors such as chocolate strawberry shortcake and crème-filled chocolate orange. Consistently, vegan chefs have gone head-to-head with non-vegan competitors, and through a masterful display of delicious plant-based cooking, they’ve won—making it clear that meat-, egg-, and dairy-free eating has reached a level of sophistication, flavor, and creativity that not just rivals but exceeds its meat-laden counterparts.

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Everywhere you turn the signs are there: plant-based eating is becoming more popular than ever. All-vegan eatery, Native Foods recently announced plans to open 200 more restaurants in the next five years, earlier this year the Cooking Channel debuted an all-vegan cooking show, and the number of people googling the word “vegan” is on the rise.  And let’s not forget to mention the entire periodic table full of celebrities embracing vegan eating, a vegan-friendly post-Oscar party, and all-vegan restaurants and chefs earning top titles from magazines.

With such a high degree of deliciousness combined with compassion—there’s no reason not to choose the animal-friendly option. So what are you waiting for? Visit and start today!

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  1. I was thrilled to read your article about a vegan chef winning a Food Network competition. It’s truly inspiring to see the recognition and success that vegan chefs are achieving in mainstream culinary competitions. Your article effectively captures the significance of this win and the positive impact it has on promoting plant-based cuisine.

    The fact that a vegan chef has emerged victorious in a Food Network competition highlights the growing acceptance and appreciation for vegan culinary creations. It’s a testament to the skill, creativity, and delicious flavors that can be achieved through plant-based cooking. This win not only showcases the culinary talent of the chef but also paves the way for more plant-based options to be celebrated and embraced by a wider audience.

    I appreciate how your article emphasizes the impact of this win in challenging stereotypes and dispelling misconceptions about vegan cuisine. By demonstrating the diversity and sophistication of plant-based dishes, the winning chef has helped break down barriers and showcase the potential for delicious and satisfying vegan meals.

    Moreover, the recognition of a vegan chef in a prominent culinary competition contributes to the broader shift towards a more sustainable and compassionate food system. It encourages individuals to explore plant-based eating as a viable and delicious option that aligns with their ethical and environmental values.

    Thank you for sharing this uplifting story of a vegan chef’s triumph in a Food Network competition. Your article provides hope and inspiration for both vegan and non-vegan food enthusiasts, demonstrating that plant-based cuisine can be exciting, innovative, and celebrated on a mainstream culinary platform.

    Wishing the winning chef continued success in their culinary journey, and thank you, Animal Outlook, for your dedication to promoting compassionate and sustainable food choices through uplifting stories like this.

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